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About Us

A Global Leader in Thermal Spray Coating Solutions


Extreme Coatings is a world leader providing wear-resistant coating solutions which are used for surface engineering in a variety of industries. Since 1996, we have been developing and deploying innovative, superior coating products and services to countries across the globe.

Our team offers an effective, solution-oriented approach which makes use of advanced thermal spray technology and proprietary coating formulations. The exceptional quality of our products has enabled them to become trade standards in the plastics and rubber industry for feedscrews, mixing rotors, tip assemblies and other parts; as well as in the oil and gas industry for downhole mud rotors and fracture pump plungers.

Successful Solutions, Impressive Results

Extreme Coatings encapsulates complex industrial components, protecting them from wear and corrosion. By increasing wear resistance, service life is increased and performance is dramatically enhanced.

We use state-of-the-art HVOF thermal spray technology to apply wear and corrosion resistant coatings. Extreme Coatings is a world leader for Tungsten Carbide Coatings on injection molding and extrusion feedscrews and mixing rotors in the plastics industry. In the Oil & Gas Industry, we are #1 in North America for mud rotor restoration and chrome plating replacement and also a leading supplier for fracture pump plunger coatings. We have coated numerous components for many industries adding major value through performance improvement and longevity.

Our focus always remains on our customers’ requirements, and is demonstrated by our dedication to the resources for developing effective, successful surface engineering solutions for specific industries and equipment.

Experience & Expertise

Our industry experience has afforded Extreme Coatings the opportunity to service over 35,000 parts, and our technological expertise has equipped us with ability to offer bottom-line solutions like no other competitor in the industry. Our proprietary technologies yield a finished product that offers greater value than most all other surface engineering solutions on the market.

This competitive advantage significantly lowers our customers’ operating costs through extended service life and a reduction in machine downtime. We view each job as unique, and we take pride in offering a service model that is customized to fulfill individual client needs to advance their productivity. 

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