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Extreme Coatings Presenting Wear Resistance Technology at the 2016 K Trade Fair for Plastic and Rubber Industries

Super-wear-resistant tungsten carbide coating of plasticizing feedscrews will be highlighted

Extreme Coatings is the global leader for wear resistance technology, with more than thirty-five thousand (35,000) feedscrews coated over the past twenty (20) years.  The newest development from Extreme Coatings is CarbideX CPR for encapsulation of conical and parallel twin feedscrews.  This new and improved technology was prompted by environmental concerns with chrome plating and the need for better protection against wear and corrosion.

At the K-Show Extreme Coatings will present their full range of products and services and will educate visitors on wear resistance.  Visitors will see samples of tungsten and chromium carbide encapsulation on a variety of components, including single screw injection molding and extrusion screws, twin extrusion screws, continuous mixing rotors and their Cushion Master carbide tip assemblies for injection molding screws.  Detailed exhibits will explain how carbide provides two to five times longer equipment life.

Extreme Coatings’ Chrome Plating Replacement, or CPR, provides a viable alternative to chrome plating.  Unlike chrome plating, CPR is nearly porosity free, so corrosive gasses from PVC cannot attack the base of the screw.  Furthermore, CPR is environmentally friendly.  In applications where abrasive fillers cause premature wear, Extreme Coatings offers tungsten carbide encapsulation that provides superior wear resistance combined with a high level of corrosion resistance – minimizing wear and maximizing profit.

Curt Kadau, President of Extreme Coatings, explains, “Advancements in polymer technology demand parallel advancements in feedscrew and processing technology.  Extreme Coatings has kept pace with these advancements and will continue to develop new products to meet the demands of our customers.”

The K Show will be held October 19 – 26 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Extreme Coatings will be exhibiting in Hall 13, Stand B91-6.

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