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Engineered Surfaces to Extend Service Life and Performance

NiBoride: Wear Resistance for ID Surfaces from .0005” to .005” Thickness

Our “NiBoride” coating is a proprietary composition of Nickel and Boron with a Knoop hardness of 1000-1100 HK (70-74 HRC). Post heat treatment produces a dense, crystalline structure of wear resistant Nickel Boride (Ni3B) with excellent abrasion resistance. The coating has a low coefficient of friction, high bond strength and can withstand high temperatures. Similar to the Electroless Nickel plating process, NiBoride can be deposited uniformly from .0005” up to .005” (12½ to 125 micron) thickness on virtually any metallic substrate. Complex shapes and inside diameters are candidates for our NiBoride coating. The as-plated surface finish is approximately 32 RMS (0,8 mm Ra). Polishing can meet almost any surface finish requirement, including a mirror finish. This plating technology has value in any application where a small wear tolerance and adhesive or low stress abrasive wear shorten component life.

NiBoride PDF Data Sheet (125k)