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Engineered Surfaces to Extend Service Life and Performance

HVOF CPR - Chrome Plating Replacement

Hard Chrome Plating (HCP) has been traditionally used to protect metal components from wear, erosion and corrosion in various applications.  It has been applied at a good cost per unit of surface area but has limitations.  The fact is that the high porosity and micro-crack percentage of HCP and the lack of uniformity especially in radii, corrodents are able to penetrate the surface and attack the substrate resulting in premature wear, potential delamination and loss of performance.  The imperfections of HCP also create challenges when certain items require a lower coefficient of friction.  Additionally, hard chrome plating is carcinogenic (a factor that can cause cancer). 

As a result of the needs in the market we developed a superior option called CarbideX CPR (Chrome Plating Replacement).  CarbideX CPR is a super corrosion and wear resistant, low porosity surface treatment that is uniformly applied three to four times thicker than standard HCP.  Polished to a mirror finish, service life and performance is increases. We also have several other options depending on the application needs.