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Engineered Surfaces to Extend Service Life and Performance

Chrome Plating Replacement - Feedscrews, Mixing Rotors and other Plasticizing Components

Hard Chrome Plating (HCP) of feedscrews and mixing rotors has been the traditional method of corrosion protection in PVC & CPVC applications.  However, due to the high porosity and micro-cracks within HCP and the lack of uniformity, especially in the radii, corrosive gasses are able to attack the substrate resulting in premature wear, excessive scrap and downtime.  The imperfections in HCP also creates challenges when cleaning or changing colors in a reasonable amount of time. 

However, there is now a better option called CarbideX CPR (Chrome Plating Replacement).  CarbideX CPR is a super corrosion and wear resistant, low porosity surface treatment that is uniformly applied three to four times thicker than standard HCP.  Polished to a mirror finish, service life and performance is increased and color changes are much faster.

Chrome Plating Replacement CPVC Application Bulletin