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Engineered Surfaces to Extend Service Life and Performance

Chrome Plating Replacement - Mud Rotors and Downhole Tools

Extreme Coatings uses state-of-the-art High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) thermal spray technology to apply tungsten carbide formulas to the working surface of fracture pumps, downhole mud rotors and other parts that are exposed to harsh conditions. Full encapsulation provides maximum protection against abrasion and corrosion. By increasing wear resistance, service life and performance are also dramatically increased. 

New mud rotors gain extended life, and used rotors can be brought back to life.  Extreme Coatings has a unique ability to strip away most old coatings, exposing damages that can be repaired by welding and blending.  After applying a standard or custom carbide coating with HVOF, majors and minors are polished to a mirror finish that further reduces friction, abrasion and adhesive wear.

Extreme Coating’s new CPR Product (Chrome Plating Replacement) is an extremely wear resistant, dense, and crack-free Nickel Chromium coating applied by the HVOF process to the entire surface of virtually any size mud rotor. The coating exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, withstands high temperatures, and has very good low-stress abrasion resistance. It is resistant to corrosion by both acids and bases, making it perfect for applications where high chlorides are present.

The uniformity and integrity of the HVOF process coating eliminates corrosion problems resulting from either “wash out” in the minor diameter or cracks and pits common in Hard Chrome Plating (HCP). And, due to a high concentration of carbide in the coating, the major diameter typically wears at one half the rate of HCP. This coating allows mud rotors to be run in either high-chloride or common oil and gas drilling environments. The results:

  • Maximized rotor life,
  • Reduced replacement cost,
  • Improved stator life,
  • Decreased Cost per Rotational Hour,
  • More consistent Rate of Penetration (ROP) and
  • Substantially improved overall fleet utilization.

Extreme Coatings can reduce wear and increase product life for complex metal parts of any size and almost any geometry.  In any industry where abrasion, adhesion or corrosion reduce product life, for new parts or used, Extreme Coatings has a surface solution.

Better than Hard Chrome for Mud Rotors