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It’s All in the Application: High Velocity Thermal Spray Technology

HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) thermal spray technology allows us to apply coatings with extremely low porosity and high bond strength. A mixture of fuel and oxygen are combusted within a thermal spray gun producing temperatures near 6000°F (3300°C).

Powder particles are injected into the high-pressure gas stream created by the combustion and accelerate down the barrel of the spray gun at several times the speed of sound. At these speeds and temperature conditions, semi-molten particles adhere to the substrate with superior bond strength – exceeding 10,000 PSI. During coating application, the product rotates methodically in front of the HVOF thermal spray gun until the coating builds to the specified thickness. This process creates the strongest bond and highest hardness value as compared to any other thermal spray process. 

Coatings applied by HP/HVOF equipment are:

  • Near porosity-free density levels
  • Low oxide content
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Exceptional resistance to wear
  • Higher bond strengths than similar coatings deposited by combustion spray, electric arc spray, or plasma spray processes

The resulting coating layer is crack-free, with hardness values ranging from 30- 70 on the RC scale, on thicknesses from .003”-.040” (.08mm - 1mm). Proprietary compositions of carbides, ceramics, and alloys are blended to achieve abrasion and corrosion resistant characteristics unmatched by conventional hard facing alloys.