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Engineered Surfaces to Extend Service Life and Performance

The Extreme Coatings Process

  1. Inspect new or reconditioned part to be processed

  2. Confirm all processing details and coating formulae

  3. Strip & repair as necessary to OEM spec minus coating specification

  4. Prepare the surface via grit blast

  5. Application of the coating via HVOF

  6. Sprayed and sealed - application dependent

  7. Finish polishing with diamond abrasive

  8. Inspect and measure

  9. Part complete with mirror finish

Key Points:

Our process has key elements to obtain the desired specifications and high quality standards:

  • 100% QA inspection of received parts to confirm the correct pre-coating dimensions are correct, tool marks removed, coated area matches drawing, materials of construction, hardness and confirming formula match.
  • QC Measurement of parts before and after each step ensures quality throughout the process to meet the desired coating specification.
  • Precise control and calculation of the powder formula deposition rate based on the part and solution to reach desired machine part specification (+ 0/-.002” (.0508 mm).
  • Methodical combination of rotation and traverse speed to control heat input and deposition rate of selected coating formulation to minimize internal stresses.
  • Post coating heat straightening to meet industry/drawing requirements for TIR
  • Consistent monitoring of the polishing system to ensure product meets QC dimensional data desired to pass final inspection.