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Engineered Surfaces to Extend Service Life and Performance



The heart of an injection molding or extrusion machine is the Feedscrew and barrel.  The Feedscrew is designed to transport, compress and inject or pump melt into a mold or through a shaping die. Feedscrews are most efficient when new and become mush less efficient with a small amount of wear.


Protecting feedscrews from wear to maintain this like-new efficiency is how we began our support of the plastics industry in 1996.  Demand from the automotive industry for light-weight, high performance materials lead to a revolution in plastics formulations that are very abrasive and corrosive to standard steels.  In response to requests to improve feedscrew life we developed our CarbideX line of thermal spray coatings.  The rest is as they say is “history”.


We utilize our coating process to encapsulate Feedscrews with a hard, dense layer of high percent of fine carbides that outperforms all other alloys and tool steels in abrasive wear.  The protective coating layer also isolates the Feedscrew steel from the process and provides exceptional corrosion resistance. We have various formulas to apply based on your application(s) need.

We can offer a variety of coating options, full encapsulation or partial encapsulation or flight lands only for the entire flight length on any portion to tailor a high value solution to any specific requirement.

What you can expect

From experience with more than 25,000 coated feedscrews we offer our double life guarantee.  Our CarbideX formulations will provide two to five times more longer life than anything you may have used before. Performance is typically 2-4 times the output compared to your standard feedscrew.

The Results:

  • Tight tolerance of close tolerance system maintained
  • Cost per pound or kilogram/hour decreases
  • Screws last at least two times longer
  • Two to four times more production
  • Less preventive maintenance (DOWNTIME)
  • Barrel life is improved
  • Scrap rate decreases
Wear Solutions for Injection Molding & Extrusion Machinery Watch the Feedscrew Encapsulation Video